November 22, 2011

Right versus Left

There you have it.  The entire political debate of our nation summed in one clip.

I have avoided politics for the past few weeks, much to either your delight, chagrin or indifference. But this clip demonstrates the divide between the Democrats and Republicans, Liberal and Conservative, whatever label you like, better than any I have seen in a while. Either you hear Newt and say "hell, yeah", or you listen to the blond and applaud. There is no way you can find a middle ground.

Me, there is no doubt where I stand. I am not much of a protester. I have said it before, assembling to complain and bitch without a solution is a waste of time. You can't get a job camping in a park. If you cannot find work, then volunteer. That experience will lead you to work. That one year gap on your resume where you list as experience "Occupying Wall Street" will not enhance your job prospects. Time spent working at the local soup kitchen or Habitat for Humanity will.

Look, the economy and job situation was not a lot better in the early 1980's when I graduated college. I spent a ton of money, had a mountain of student loans and a worthless Liberal Arts degree. Those were choices I made. My job prospects were few.

I took two part time jobs making $12,000 year -- combined.. I put in my time until I found a better job. That job required me to work 70-80 hours a week. I made about $20,000 per year for all of those hours. That was not much money even in 1988. I worked my ass off and learned valuable skills that have served me today. I parlayed that experience into a management position. I learned, adapted and took that experience into a better paying job.

Life is not fair. We all make bad decisions.  I have made more than you cam imagine.  You can whine and complain about the bad cards life has dealt you.  That works for about a month.  Then you suck it up and make the best of it. Camping out and bitching because the producers are not giving you the fruits of their work is not the answer.

Is there corruption in business, in Wall Street, in politics?  Yes. Defecating in the streets, destroying public property, carrying signs, demanding free stuff does not bring about change.

Meditating could not raise the Pentagon during the Vietnam War and chanting won't pay off your student loans. 


CnC said...

Put me down as saying "hell yeah"!
Also someone needs to tell these assholes, it's not 99% v 1% it's 47% v 53%. Those creeps on Morning Joe made my skin crawl.

Anonymous said...

Typical blonde liberal bimbo had trouble on what to wear but she is an expert on politics. JOG

Rita said...

Sorry, while this was playing I was distracted by my TV which had Steve Hayes talking.

Listening to dingbat broads feigning outrage while raking in way more money than she could possibly be worth just makes my ears bleed. She probably can't even spell, "T O K E N".

Now back to Steve.....

Erica said...

I second what CnC says. I love Newt.

That said, the one facet -- pointed out by the guy from "The Earth Institute" (WTF is that?) -- about the lame national temper tantrum that these OWS cry babies keep overlooking is that We (Conservatives, members of the Tea Party, Republicans, Right-Wingers, Libertarians, etc) are similarly pissed off about "the incredible abuse of power," except it's the cream puffs in Congress who support the Occudooshes who perpetrate the worst abuses (Maxine *cough* Waters).

But I don't need to tell you that.

Like Archie Bunker says, "I am so sick of Washington and all its woiks, and all dem politicians down dere..."

Cappy said...

That's good career advice for the unemployed and underemployed, HB.

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