November 27, 2011

Wadda ya want fer nuthin'?

So sue me, I took a day off. The larger issue is did you even notice? Do you even care?

My first thought when I woke this morning was that it is Sunday.  The long Holiday weekend is drawing to a close. I have lots of stuff to do yet before returning to work on the morrow. "On the morrow", have you ever heard a person outside of a costume drama actually use that phrase? I am not even sure why that particular combination of words sprang forth in my brain and through my fingers to the keyboard right out into the interwebz. But there it is clear in black pixels upon my white background.

Sports ain't life, but I watched a game yesterday where a coach sported a pair of balls the size of King Kong. Even through the fuzzy, jerky video on the website I was amazed.  Little Wabash College in Central Indiana was playing the Cardinals of North Central in round 2 of the Division III football playoffs (imagine that a playoff system in college football). Wabash was down 21-0 at the half. The score was 28-7 midway through the third quarter. The season was on the brink. The school motto is 'Wabash always fights" and the team demonstrated it yesterday.

The little Giants (I know dumb nickname) battled back to score a touchdown with just under a minute to go in the game. the score was 28-27. Instead of playing for the tie and overtime, the Wabash coach went for two! Convert and win, fail and the season is over. Wabash went with a hard snap count, the Cardinals of North Central jumped offside.  The ball moved closer to the end zone.

Even over the internet you could almost feel the tension in tiny Hollett Stadium. The ball was snapped, the pass sent to the far side of the end zone.  The Wabash receiver leaped for the high pass, it tipped from his fingers, over the defender into the waiting arms of another Wabash receiver.  He got two feet down and the men of Wabash had staged an unforgettable comeback.

It may be Division III and few of these young men will ever play football in the NFL, but there is still some fine football being played at small colleges and universities across the nation. Read more about the game here.

See it for yourself!


Jean said...

I think 'on the morrow' should be used often. It doth slip sweetly from thy tongue.

High school and college sports used to be all about the love of the game.
Glad that still seems to exist in some places.

Anonymous said...

Wabash College has always had a successful sports program.

James Old Guy

Almost Candy said...

I once worked for a lawyer who went to Wabash. (My only foray into bankruptcy law [zzzzzzzzzzz]).

He was a pretty awesome guy. And FUNNY! SO funny.

Joe said...

The place produces a lot of lawyers, a lot of doctors and a few under-performers like me.

Ralphd00d said...

When one is lucky enough to catch a good game (and ending to it) like that, it is always nice!

Got to love how all that reading brings up those phrases that aren't used (as much).

Cappy said...

A rubber biscuit.

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