December 19, 2011

Dear Indidanapolis Colts

At this point it is clear it was my very presence in Lucas Oil Stadium that led to your first victory of the season yesterday. there can be no doubt upon this question.

I suggest you immediately provide me with a couple of tickets to all future home games in order to secure the guarantee of football victory going forward.

I do not expect expensive owners or corporate box privileges. Nor do I require 50 yard line views. Ninth row goal line seats similar to what I enjoyed yesterday will ensure your continued success and the blessings of the football gods for the remainder of this season and those to come.

Let me know if you need my mailing address to send the ducats.

Your Pal,


PS If you watched the game on TV, I was the one in the Colts jersey.


Anonymous said...

Each time I go to a Steelers' game, they lose. My husband said he was going to start leaving me at home.

Joe said...

Leaz -- please go to more Steelers Games.

Tam said...

"PS If you watched the game on TV, I was the one in the Colts jersey."

I LOL'ed. :D

marcus said...

Don't go tonight Joe...puhleeze!

marcus said...

19-16, UnFerkinBelievable.

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