December 16, 2011

Going the full circle

I was trying to decide on what brilliance I was going to share with you today. I read through my blogroll and the few other sites I visit every morning. I signed into the old Blogger dashboard to make sure I read all of my comments on various posts. I had no spam comments, a curious and unusual occurrence to be sure.

I wiggled my fingers over the keyboard. No letters or words poured forth onto the laptop screen.

I decided to put  a load of towels into the washer. Harmless, impossible-to-screw-up-type laundry is all I am allowed to do. You know from which I speak -- towels, sheets, my tightie whities, the wife's unmentionables, the boy's stinky socks.

My work phone rang. Questions were followed by answers and goodbyes. I skipped over to the work email account to send follow ups to engineering.

I sipped my coffee. It was in a red spotted earthenware mug this morning. My Cubs coffee mug and my Superbowl XLIV mug were both in the dishwasher. The dishes were clean, but we have a hard and fast rule, if you open up the clean dishwasher you put away all of the dishes.  No picking out a clean fork and leaving the dishes for someone else to put away. Don't worry, I will empty it later, probably at lunch time. The coffee was not tepid, it was cold.

I took a deep breath and began to type. "I was trying to decide what brilliance I was going to share with your today..."


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Recursion (n.): See recursion.

Joe said...


Anonymous said...

On forced vacation, the use or lose type and life is slow on this contract. Government staff mostly gone,looks like we will lose about half in the upcoming cuts. I am thinking productivity will go up and meetings will go down. We are of course in the end of the year employee reviews, where I lie about how well they did on their bullshit lean and six sigma goals. I have been forced to complete the mandatory training on this latest and greatest semi government system for fixing shit that is not broke and ignoring shit that is broke. Other than that all is well as I read more fairy tales about Obamasan and his greatest success's.
James Old Guy

Joe said...

I go on vacation -- the use it or lose it type as well -- from next Wednesday until the New Year.

I am entering full coasting mode.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Use it or lose it Wednesday also.
Unless something comes up and I can't.

What brilliance did you decide on?

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