December 1, 2011

Of course he was from Ohio

Dear jerk-off in the white Buick,

It is bad enough you were cruising in the left lane as trucks lined the right lane at the ridiculous lower speed limit.  You drove on oblivious to the line of cars stretching behind you like a freight train. But it is not necessary to slam on your brakes because a policeman had a car pulled over on the OTHER side of I-65.

It is highly unlikely the policeman, who was standing next to the car he was ticketing, would catch you in the corner of his eye, determine you were going 1/8 of a mph over the speed limit, jump in his car, drive to the nearest crossover (there are barrier fences in this section) chase you down at a very high rate of speed -- remember you are going away from him at 70 and 1/8 mph - and cite you for speeding. Moreover, it was not necessary to brake to a hard FORTY-FIVE mph until the cop was out of sight. Since we were in North Central Indiana that means about three or four miles.



Anonymous said...

Must have been the snow, we know all people fr Ohio are damn near saint's. James Old Guy

Anonymous said...

damn, I phone spell check

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Ohio drivers are the worst. And I can say that with authority, having driven from St. Clairsville to Indy today.

The truckers who think it's funneehaha to swing into the left lane and take a layer of paint off one's bumper just as one passes them are right up there with them. I kept wishing I'd jammed the brakes on ... we could use a new van.

Cappy said...

We just enjoy pissing off you Hoosiers.

Joe said...

Ohio drivers just need to stay the fuck out of the left lane -- slower traffic keep right.

Woodman said...

I love how 9 times out of 10 a traffic jam on 69 heading out of Indy is caused by a police officer on the side of the road. It's only half the time inbound.

"Get to the other lane or slow down" does not mean you have to cause an accident flipping to the left lane, nor does it require you to slow to 40 (or less) in a 70. I understand why the law was passed, too many truckers were playing dust the smokey, and cops were getting hurt and killed. But really people have some sense.

Of course, yesterdays action seemed to be the arrest of a couple of Latino entrepreneurs collecting scrap metal from the construction site there, so there was not only a cop but a show as well. But a 30 minute slow down for that seems a bit extreme.

dragonlady474 said...

If you think people from Ohio drive bad, you should see the jerk offs drive in Alabama. Apparently their cars have no turn signals, they drive like every day is Sunday and a four way stop is only a suggestion.

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