December 26, 2011

Santa has a sore back today

Good morning Blog World, I hope old Saint Nick was one half as kind to you as he was to me.  The wife, as usual, went berserk.  It was a  gift giving frenzy on her part. I received a bunch of new stuff, some I needed some I didn't, but isn't that the point of a gift?  The kids scored like they were six years old again. The only downer was my daughter and son-in-law went to his family in Chicago for the weekend. We will have a get-together with them later this week.

After we opened presents, I whipped up a bacon and eggs breakfast. After which I started in on preparing Christmas dinner. I made all of the boy's favorites to go with the traditional fare and the end result was a carbapalooza. Along with a succulent turkey I made noodles, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls and mac and cheese. Oh, and candied yams, I forgot about them.  I would rather eat fried dog turds than sweet potatoes of any variety, but the wife loves 'em. For dessert, we had a peach pie my mom made me and a collection of cookies and fudge and treats my daughter made and brought over before she headed north. All of this was in addition to eating enough to feed Nigeria on Christmas Eve as we attended two family gatherings!

My blood sugar meter laughed when I checked my blood this morning.  I think the reading was "maple syrup". I am going to have to walk about ten miles a day this week to get things back into shape.

Have a great day.


Jean said...

awwww...your Christmas sounds wonderful and just the way it should be. Good thing you have the week off to recuperate.

(love the cartoon. It sounds so you.)

dragonlady474 said...

Wow, I just ate breakfast and this post still made me hungry. Sounds like you had a great Christmas.

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