January 30, 2012

Human Magnets Are We

It is funny how two people with so little in common can find a life together. My wife and I are like that. We don't like the same music or food. Her idea of a good time is an afternoon at the mall. She would would be happy to never go to a museum or discuss history. If she sees a big crowd she heads straight toward it to be part of the action, while I head straight the opposite way. Yet somehow we have been together more than 34 years as a couple (almost 28 married)

Saturday she decided we were heading to downtown Indianapolis to check out the festivities surrounding the upcoming Superbowl. The whole time we were getting ready to go I imagined the crowds, the pain of street closures, the reported difficulty in finding suitable parking. It was windy and cold. I was fully prepared to be miserable.

There was little traffic. We found a great place right under Circle Center Mall -- right in the heart of downtown. The crowds were terrible, so I do have that to hang on to. We checked out the NFL painted IndyCars, the giant Roman Superbowl numerals. We mingled with the crowds. The primary attraction for the wife was the Zipline. Billed as the longest temporary Zipline in the United States it towers 100 feet above Capitol Ave in the heart of the Superbowl Village. You can se pictures here. The presale tickets were long ago sold out, but there was a chance you could buy tickets at the gate.

I could bore you with long details, but we finally got a chance to Zip around 8:30 in the evening. Here is a shot of the happy couple just seconds before we stepped off into space with nothing but a far distant ground below our feet:

The Zipline was a blast. The cold was not so bad and we survived the crowds. In all we had a a good Saturday.  But I am still tired of hearing about the damn Superbowl and I am ready for it to go away.

Just one note to the city of Indianapolis.  temporarily renaming the downtown streets after NFL teams is a horrible, awful idea.


Jean said...

Somebody must have found the camera cord. Great photo!
Not sure I could brave the Zip.

Joe said...

No, it is a cell phone picture. She found her camera was dead while we were getting ready to go.

Ed Bonderenka said...

You look different out of uniform and clean shaven.

Erin O'Brien said...


So glad you got to do the line. The fam and I did a 10-line zip course in Asheville that took my breath away. Everyone should do a zip. They are a KICK.

Lovely photo.

Joe said...

Shave the beard and I look, what, 150 years younger?

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