January 31, 2012

Chopped, the home version

I threw a very nice bottom round roast into the crock pot yesterday at lunchtime. By dinnertime the enticing smell of cooked beef scented the house better than the most expensive potpourri. Some mashed spuds, broth, asparagus and nice yeast rolls made for a fine Monday dinner.

I cleaned up the kitchen while the boy headed off to do homework and the wife sorted laundry.. We all have our jobs outside of work, don't we? As soon as the dishes were washed and/or put into the dishwasher I got out the big bowls and flour and sugar and chocolate chips to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

I love to cook, that is art.  Baking, well it is more like chemistry class. I hated chemistry class. Making a pot of chili you can throw in a little pepper, a dash of hot sauce and it is all to taste and whim. Cookies; one has to measure and concentrate and follow the freaking rules. Plus, it takes forever to bake cookies.  By the time I am putting the third dozen in the oven I am just plain bored with it all. I occupied myself with some Robert Louis Stevenson and his classic Master of Ballantrae in nine minute snatches.

But I persevered and the wife and boy were happy as clams with their sweet gooey chocolaty cookies.

No banjos were played while writing this post.


Anonymous said...

My husband a decade ago when I was taking chemistry (spread out over four nights) to enhance my teaching skills made French dinners twice a week. Despite liking the subject, I don't miss those classes but I miss his cooking.

Erin O'Brien said...

Um, Chopped? Really? I don't see you pulling any powdered strawberry milk mix out of the basket. Where's the aloe vera juice? Or the buckwheat groats?

Joe said...

Yes, but Chopped is by far the BESTEST show on TV.

dragonlady474 said...

Your observation about the difference between baking and cooking is spot on! Which is why I like baking better than cooking. I need the structure.

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