January 12, 2012

Obama as a Failure

From an objective viewpoint The Obama is an all-around failure as a President. The reasons a Conservative is angry and disappointed are numerous. The big government liberal economic policies, record spending, and endless class warfare rhetoric makes Obama the prototypical tax and spend Democrat. His policies have brought the first financial downgrade to our Governmental bond rating. Obama and company have increased our debt more than all previous Presidents combined.

The President's foreign policy blunders, his courting of Muslim extremists, bowing to foreign potentates, gifting iPods and all around apologizing for any and everything are an anathema to any died in the wool Reaganite.

Obama's continuation of the hated Bush's War on Terror policies must make the progressive liberal leftist socialist Democrat white with rage. The Code Pinkers and Cindy She-hags of the world must suffer blood pressure levels bordering on stroke-inducing. Yet somehow their bitter anger is not enough to protest the White House and camp out near The Bamster's homestead. We have not seen the Code Pinker's saggy tatas waving free in the wind cooling their wrinkled cooters in the sun as they protest the various wars in far off lands.  Where were the chants of "blood for oil" as Obama opened new war in Libya and continued in Iraq and Afghanistan? 

We have not seen the comparisons to Hitler, yet Gitmo operates as before.  The TSA, Homeland Security and Patriot Act restrictions are stronger than ever. All of the actions the left hated  most about 'The Shrub' continue unabated under Obama, yet we do not see the same level of protest, anger, old lady nudity.

Is it that the actions are more tolerable if the man in charge has a (D) after his name? Is it that the biased press does not report the anger?

Mostly we have a President who would rather play golf and campaign than govern. He pouts when he cannot get his way. He is petulant and lacks the ability to compromise. Obama is like the little kid who learns to dog paddle and thinks that qualifies him to jump from the high dive. The end result finds him in way over his head in deep water, no water wings to be found.

Four more years?  I am not sure we can stand four more months.


Erin O'Brien said...

George Clooney on Obama:

If he was a Republican running, because Republicans are better at this," Clooney continued, "they'd be selling him as the guy who stopped 400,000 jobs a month from leaving the country. They'd be selling him as the guy who saved the auto-industry. If they had the beliefs, they'd be selling him as the guy who got rid of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' who got Osama bin Laden. You could be selling this as a very successful three years.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord George Clooney as a reference should have used Johnny Depp. Fact is he is a democrat and is the president and makes Jimmy Carter look like a genius. He is a failed experiment in social elections.
James Old Guy

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Didn't do much good to stop those 400,000 jobs from leaving the country, since most of those people are probably now unemployed.

Joe said...

That is why I do not get the almost psychotic hatred of GW Bush from the left, he was more liberal Democrat than JFK. He was pretty much just a continuation of Clinton.

Quoting Clooney? You might as well quote Mickey Moore.

Joe said...

I guess one could make the argument The Obama is successful if everyone thinks he is doing a lousy job?

I would hate to think he is the best we can do as a nation.

Cappy said...

Who is George Clooney?

CnC said...

Actors, is there anything they don't know?

Ed Bonderenka said...

I can't believe Erin used George Clooney.
She's smarter than that (except for being a lefty ...).
Must be the best she can come up with.
Now Obama's asking for another debt ceiling raise.
And Boehner will punt.

Erin O'Brien said...

I posted Clooney's Obama cheerleading comments because they are the most articulate I've heard. Plus he's right: this is exactly how righties would be framing their candidate while many lefties--myself included--are busily voicing their discontent over Obama's first term.

But no matter, you no likey Clooney? There will be plenty of other voices chiming in with all of the points he makes above and more, like Obama's three years of record deportations of illegal immigrants. There'll be plenty of footage showing all those Vets coming home from Iraq and scooping up their kids in front of the Christmas tree as well.

So, you people think Clooney's a bit of fluff? Howzabout the GOP's breath-bated wait for Tim Tebow's endorsement.

Praise the Lord!

Of course, the GOP's biggest problem right now is the improving economy. But No matter for now. The real Obama cheerleading won't begin in earnest until this utterly delicious cannibalistic GOP blood fest no longer fills the screen.

Joe said...

Erin, I think you are right the idiot GOP is eating itself, and the press will pull out all of the stops to get their man, Obama, re-elected.

Even the Lefties wo are not happy with the Big O will be praising him to heaven.

Greybeard said...

The economy is improving?
Fully 1/4 of my neighbors are out of work with NO SIGN of improvement on the horizon.
This is "The big lie", and is being propagated by the media and lefty supporters.
What to watch:
The price of Gold/Silver. Gun and ammo sales. And media continuing to tell us "Everything's alright, everything's fine"...
Until the bottom falls out.

Hey Teacher, leave those kids alone said...

All my neighbors are employed only, 6% unemployment here. Hell, if RTW passes everybody and their dog will have a job. The dog might even have two jobs. Yeah, they'll be low paying and there won't be any benefits and working conditions will be unsafe but he'll have a job by cracky! Doo Dah! Doo Dah!

Joe said...

Jeez teacher, did you get in all of the union talking points? If you missed one, take another stab at it.

You DO realize less than 10% of the workforce is unionized right? That means almost everyone you know has a decent paying job with safe work conditions. Have you heard of OSHA, IOSHA etc.? Most employers have figured out the way to get the best employees is to pay decent wages and benefits. Insurers insist upon routine safety plans and inspections.

Are there "sweatshops", not in the classic sense, but there are low paying employers. There are dangerous places of employment, but those guys are already paying the illegals and undesirables to do the work. They are not unionized and are not likely to be in the future.

It is time to leave the classroom and visit the real world, 'cause you do not have a clue.

Hey teacher leave those kids alone said...

Oh yeah I forgot . Why is the government sticking its nose into private business once again. Especially since only 10% of jobs are unionized anyway. Or is that 10% too vocal.
By the way I worked in a furniture factory for 7 years, Then at a low paying not for profit for 11. I've been and continue to "BE" in your real world.

Joe said...

That is an interesting take away -- that the government is sticking their nose into a non-problem. Currently it is through LAW (that would be the Government) that a person is FORCED to join a union. The right to work bill takes the Government out of the workplace. In other words, giving us, as workers, more individual freedom. Why should paying dues to a union be part of the requirement for employment.

The good news is anyone who wants to join a union may under this proposal. Any workforce that wants to unionize may under this proposal. Workers retain the right to strike and collectively bargain for wages, benefits and work rules. The unions are against RTW because it means less money for the coffers. The Democrats are against RTW because less union dues means less Democrat campaign donations.

The fluff and cry about safety and the rest is just smoke screen.

CnC said...

I pray to God that guy is just a big Pink Floyd fan and not a real teacher. We don't need any more so-called teachers who believe it's their job to indoctrinate our kids with their left-winged bullshit!

Hey teacher leave those kids alone said...

Still waiting to hear what companies decided not to come to Indiana because we weren't RTW. Oh they can't tell us because "those decisions are made early on". Then how do we know they seriously wanted to locate in Indiana. I guess we “just know”.
I know that many of the arguments that the unions are putting forth are specious but so are many that the Chamber of Commerce is putting forth. How about if you go to work in a union shop and don’t want to join the union, then you pay a negotiations fee, (for the contract the union negotiated on your behalf), that the union can draw on if they need to defend you in any way, (because by law they have to). That way, no freeloading and no supporting a union you don’t want to belong to. The money would stay local so it doesn’t get swallowed up by the machine anywhere along the way.
Now onto CnC’s comments: I chose the pseudonym as a tip of the hat to prog rock. I am indeed an art teacher, (let the cavalcade of slurs and name calling commence), at a middle school in southern Indiana. I don't indoctrinate any students. I teach art and leave my political views at home, where they belong. When someone in class makes a comment on how they saw the president on TV, (pre-empting their favorite show) and the guy next to him chimes in that he hates Obama I remind him that Mr. Obama is the President and as such he deserves our respect. I did this for Bush too and will do it for any other President we have. Same goes for Mitch and anyone else in public office. It is not my place to offer my opinion on political matters when I‘m being paid for my expertise in my field not my political viewpoints.
By the way, when your wife got her hand caught in the slide of your gun, I not sure how that raised a whelp on her palm? Whelp: a young, carnivorous mammal, essentially one that is still dependent on its parent(s) for food. Have you thought about contacting Ripley’s?

Joe said...

The "fee" idea is one worth considering. Perhaps the worker loses all rights for Union defense if he refuses to join? There are ramifications to be considered.

Most teachers in the public schools leave their political views at home. The bigger issue is the content of the textbooks -- especially in the history/poli-sci areas. A good teacher can find balance (the same is true in biology with evolution/creation). Lazy teachers --well that is a separate issue.

The RTW has two facets -- one, the point of my original bitch, was the failure of the State Democrats to show up for work. Show up, cast your vote and live with the results until the next election.

RTW, yes there is a lot of smoke on both sides. Is there a study of say Oklahoma, and how things changed after they passed RTW a decade or so ago? Did wages go down, did more jobs appear? Is the workplace more dangerous? (I think we know the answer to that last question).

I have been a member of two different unions, and worked in management where my employees were unionized, I have admitted bias. I saw the union save the jobs of people that should have been fired by any reasonable standards. I saw the union cost the company lots of money in overtime. I saw the union demands force a company to close costing 500+ VERY good paying jobs.

I assume you are referring to CnC in your comments. My wife has never even held a gun.

Rita said...

WOW! A Southern Indiana Art Teacher that knows how to spell. I bet he can he count the number of teeth in his head on one hand.

Inbreeding is a dangerous thing.

Hey teacher leave those kids alone said...

Thank you Rita for the lovely compliment. I currently have my summer teeth in. Some're there and some're not. Rita, I'm wondering do you have a family tree or just a thicket?

Joe, I want to thank you for this wonderful place to express ideas and crack wise and yes my earlier comment was directed to CnC.

Yes, I know some're isn't a word. Well I must be off. Time to go to school and teach the kiddos about all the wonders of Marx. The toy company that is.

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