January 16, 2012

This is how your lose a Republic

In the last decades of the Roman Republic the Senators discovered it was just easier to let a strong executive run things than it was to actually govern. Political power was far more important than rule of law.

In a similar fashion, Harry Reid is willing to ignore Constitutionally mandated Senate responsibilities to ensure his party gets the power it craves. Reid is willing to give up long-term checks and balances for a short-term victory for his President. His hypocrisy is sickening and his sudden reversal in position should worry Americans of every political stripe.

Rest assured Obama's abuse of the recess appointment provisions of the Constitution will be repeated by future Presidents.  Some who will not be liberal Democrats.  The Harry Reids and everyday liberal bloggers who pretend this is no big deal will rue the day.

Without a trace of hyperbole, I believe there is no doubt we are witnessing the slow decay of the Republic. How far are from that one Big Crisis and a recommendation we suspend Congress so the President can manage the problem without Congressional and political infighting. Reasonable people will agree that is the best path. And then there will be the next crises and another and soon we will have a permanent Caesar ruling the nation. We are not there yet. But the continuous strengthening of the Executive Branch has gone on for a while now. Congress has given away the legislative power to various agencies and even the courts.

Think it cannot happen? Open any history book at random and read. The timeline of history is replete with examples of Caesars, kings, emperors and dictators. The list of successful Republics is short.


Anonymous said...

Congress and the President’s, not only this one have constantly chipped away at the Constitution aided by the Supreme Court all in the name of progress or what is best for the people at the time. It is always in little chips, nothing large enough to raise public indignation or they cover it with the latest current crisis of the day. Creating an amendment to the Constitution is a slow process exposing too many politicians to public review and the amendment to public opinion. The time for term limits has passed, if congress won’t pass a law the citizens of this country need to act using the ballot box. Harry ( human piece of shit) is scared, he sees the TPARTY as a threat to the ongoing institutional corruption and more than likely a conviction and some jail time for him and his cronies. The people that keep electing this criminal need to spend time in jail with him.
James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

Well said, both of you.

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