January 17, 2012

Voter ID

Seriously, is there any true arguments against voter ID laws? Why is it unreasonable to expect one to prove his identity to vote when you have to prove you are you to cash a check, buy beer, get unemployment or welfare?  You have to have proof of ID to board a plane. The franchise is among the most precious of our freedoms, and any measure that protects that Right is worthwhile in my view.

As long as the State offers free identification cards, it is a stretch to find a person who is really inconvenienced by having to show an ID to vote. Unless you hail from Chicago or the numerous Democratic strongholds where even the dead routinely vote (early and often), I cannot see it as a problem.

I would be happy to see arguments against Voter ID in the comments.

I think our feckless Attorney General is tilting at windmills on this one.  Perhaps he should focus on Voter Intimidation at the polls instead of promoting potential voter fraud. maybe he should look into the massive voter fraud perpetuated every election by Acorn? Methinks he doth protest too much.


Dan O. said...

I think it's easier showing an I.D. when voting than to stand there repeating your name half a dozen times and/or spelling it just as many, while they try to find you on the list. At least with the I.D. they have it in front of them, it's a quicker process. In my experience.

The only reasonable argument against it is the most unreasonable: fraud. go figure.

Greybeard said...

But... (and I belive this will get worse before it gets better or the country falls)...
The ticks have begun to tell the dog how to behave, and the dog has little power to change his future without drastic intervention.
Do what you think is necessary to weather the coming storm.

Anonymous said...

To make matters even more fun we had Jesse Jackson in town spouting his normal bullshit.
I can't register a car, a gun,buy a house, get a loan, ride an airplane, drive a car or multitude of other day to day requirements without a photo ID. There is no reason not to require one at the polls.
James Old Guy

Mockingbird said...

This is the only way that Obama and Team Parasite can win in 2012.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The only people opposed to Voter ID are those who cannot win an election without vote fraud.

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