February 21, 2012

Imaginative meddling in my muddled mind

Is it just me, or has the owner of this place become schizophrenic? One day he offers obscenity-laced insulting rants followed the next by incoherent non sequitur-filled diatribes that rival the random ramblings of the late Unibomber. In other posts he pens head-scratching and mundane crappola.  The whole is interspersed with lazy posts from Youtube and cribbed links to far more brilliant authors. We will not even discuss the megalomaniacal memos of dubious sanity.

If you think this blog is merely a repository of evidence for future commitment hearings, you should try living in that brain. The ongoing war is not just right brain versus left brain. The frontal lobe is launching sneak attacks against the cerebral cortex. It is a fight to the finish -- Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! type mayhem. It is a mental MMA cage match in the cranium. A lunatic's battle to the end where kidney punches, eye gouging and testicle twisting are not only allowed, but encouraged.

You may ask yourself whatever happened to the concise editorials that juxtaposed fact and opinion in crystal clear prose that made one nod in agreement? Where are the amusing anecdotes of past adventures that left you with a wry smile upon your face and a hearty sense of jealousy?  No longer do we read the historical lessons that sent us to the interwebz and the library hungering for more knowledge.  Why no more personal experiences complete with Seinfeldian humor and universal interest?

Hell if I know.


Greybeard said...

Yes, right now I'm asking myself "whatever happened to the concise editorials that juxtaposed fact and opinion in crystal clear prose?"

And "Hell if I know" is as good an answer as any.

CnC said...

Have you read my crap lately? and you think you got issues?

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