February 19, 2012

Low Expectations

March is a big month around here. It will be my Blogoversary (this place opened with a whimper in March of 2005).  I will be close to hitting 200,000 visitors, and I will mark my 50th trip around the sun as a human being. Since blogging is the penultimate exercise in self-aggrandizement, what better way to celebrate than by running a retrospective of my favorite posts? We all win.  Longtime readers get to once again reflect upon my brilliance, newer readers will be enlightened, and I won't have to do anything! Instead of my daily battle with the mocking, blinking cursor and the blank webform, I can copy and paste and be done with it for a day or three.

Yes, you with your hand up?  No, no, no this is not my lazily inserting reruns. This is a retrospective. Yes, Lady in the front row?  Why yes, my ego does often control what I say and do. Why do you ask? Will the man in the back please repeat that question? Am I impressed with myself?  What kind of question is that, Sir?

Anyway, if there is a past post that you enjoyed let me know in the comments and I will see about republishing it. If you are not familiar with my past work, and I cannot fathom why you do not spend at least one day a month re-reading the archives, feel free to delve into my past over there on the left --YOUR left -- and see if you can find something you enjoy.


CnC said...

Joe, my vote is cast for the one about the typing monkees. It was something I could really relate too.

Anonymous said...

You are going all Erin on us.

James Old Guy

KeesKennis said...

I beat you to it and have something from you up from way way agoo

Ed Bonderenka said...

Does that count the post I plagiarized from you?

B said...

The one when you had....err....gastronomical difficulties at the Taco Bell.

I laughed my ass off.

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