February 28, 2012

My forehead is bruised from banging it on a wall

I paid my son's student loan payment the other day.  He was short on funds.  I could let him pay it and give him some money for groceries, etc., or I could make the payment for him.  No big deal, the payment is low. Gotta help the kids when you can.

This morning I get a call

Student Loan Girl: Is "B" (son) there?
Moi: No, may I help you?
SLG: Have him call Student Loan Place.
Moi: I made that payment last week.
SLG: Do you have the confirmation number?
Moi:  reads twenty-three digit combination of letters/numbers
SLG: For how much?
Moi: $XX.00.
SLG: That is February's total. Did you pay March?
Moi: I paid $XX.00, that is what is due.
SLG:  I show you owe that amount also for March.
Moi. I paid what is due.
SLG? Did you pay March?
Moi: I just  told you what I paid. February. What was due.
SLG. You owe a payment for March.
Moi.  It is still February.  The March payment is not due until March 25.
SLG: I show you owe a March payment.
Moi: It is NOT... DUE...YET. I will pay it when it is due. Is there anything else?
SLG: I will note you did not pay the March payment.Was this a direct bank payment?
Moi: What?
SLG: Did you pay this from your bank direct?
Moi: ??? ...I paid it with my debit card on your website.
SLG: Who are you?
Moi: B's father.
SLG (in near hysteria) You are not authorized to use the website.  Only B may use the website. Only B may make payments on the website.
Moi: ...as long as you get your payment...
SLG: You are not authorized to make a payment on the website.  ONLY B may make a payment on the website!!!
 Moi: ????
Moi: Uhhh ...B made the payment...
SLG: OK, thank you. 

Unlike yesterday's joke about my wife, I swear every word of this is true.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Makes for a good story.

Anonymous said...

I think we use the same bank. No wonder India is getting all the call centers. They ought to import for tellers. This was my fun Sunday:

Hey, teacher... said...

At least the young lady is industrious, holding down two jobs. I believe she's the same cluck that screwed up my order at McDs the other day.

Jean said...

I knew the wife post was bait.

LeeAnn said...

My encounters are leaking over into your world.

Dan O. said...

Wife story: funny if not true, REALLY funny if true.

SLG story: Just plain f*(<ing sad, regardless of veracity.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Some of the stupidest people I ever dealt with worked for Sallie Mae and Nelnet.

I am so glad I paid my loans off promptly instead of consolidating them...

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