February 1, 2012

Oh, the horror

So... the Indiana Senate joined their cohorts in the House and passed the controversial Right to Work legislation. The Governor is expected to sign it into law later this week.

Unions would have us believe this is the end of life for the workers of Indiana. The other side imagines businesses will open in the Hoosierland in untold numbers.  Neither view is accurate.

As far as union membership goes, I suspect their will be significantly less union dues paid in the years to come. Most people would rather have more take home pay and less interference from the Union Steward. The law does nothing to change the union/employer relationship.  Employees will still be able to unionize if they desire. Unions will still be be able to negotiate work rules, wages and benefits on behalf of their members. Non dues paying employees should not expect union support in work disputes. The only change is that no one is forced to join the union as a condition of employment.

The unions claim wages and benefits will be significantly reduced in the state as a result of this law.. If an employer cuts wages and benefits, then he is inviting unionization. Workers will pay dues if they see a benefit. It is all about cause and effect.

In all, the hoopla over this legislation is just the last agonizing notes of the union death song. Union membership has dropped precipitously in recent decades. There is not much the unions can do to stop the tide of events. This is just a whole lot of noise about nothing.


Anonymous said...

My sister is bitching about it of course, she has been baptized in the union blood of bullshit and lies. The good part, the morons are planning on protesting the Super Bowl. Personally I am happy for a demonstration of good old Hoosier hospitality. I am sure the visitors will be impressed and run right on back to invest more dollars. I am sure they will love thousands of dollars to attend and being greeted by Union thugs as they try to make it to the game. With a little luck it will be the last Super Bowl in Indiana.

James Old Guy ( X-Hoosier)

Cappy said...

Waiting here in Ohio for the expected stream of pathetic refugees. I plan to pick off quite a few.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Union membership nationwide is under 7%. They lost. Sucks to be them.

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