February 7, 2012

Reason 2,654 you wish you were me

I ventured into the cold slightly overcast day to light the grill. I threw on a couple of brats after a suitable pre-heating. In the microwave I placed some leftover cheesy potato casserole. I opened a Diet Dr. Pepper as the meat cooked and the potatoes warmed. Thus, lunch was prepared and consumed in time.

I can only hope your lunch was as good as mine.

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Mockingbird said...

Sounds real good. My doc says no more meat in casings. So, this evening I will put a small chuck roast in the oven with baking potatos, carrots, brussel sprouts and seasonings. Also, a cup of red wine. Since it's cold(Jax. Fla), I'll have a couple of Old Jim and colas while it cooks.

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