March 9, 2012

The Government in Action

You may remember a few weeks ago I recounted how we messed up the boy's taxes. You can read it here.

All worked as expected.  The bank rejected the automatic deposit, the State and Feds got the money back and issued a check.  The State got him his money in about a week.  The Feds were a little slower, but his check arrived this past Monday.  That would be on March 5.

Today, he gets an official looking letter from the IRS. I opened it, expecting an audit or who knows what..  It was a letter telling him that his funds deposit was rejected and that the IRS would be sending him a check in three or four weeks.. Today is MARCH 9, 2012. Let me repeat -- he received the check on MARCH 5.

Even better, the notice is dated March 12, 2012. Today is MARCH 9.

I cannot wait until these people take over Health Care,


Anonymous said...

Kind of makes you proud to be an American.
James Old Guy

Rita said...

At least back in the "old days", banks had special account numbers with the ending digit being what was called a check digit. Some weird mathematical equation to generate the last digit of the account number so if you messed up one digit on an account number, it would reject and some actual person would research the check or deposit and credit the correct account.

Rarely do different banks use the same type of account numbers, meaning some might be 8 digits, some 10, etc.

I was fairly certain the bank would send it back electronically to the IRS, but considering things don't always go as planned, I wasn't going to comment that it might actually happen sooner rather than later.

Gotta tell you it took a LOT longer for them to research an estimated payment I made two years ago of $3,300. Weeks before they could figure it out even after I sent them the front and back of my cashed check.

You got lucky.

Health care would be a tsunami compared to this.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

"No thanks doc, I think I'll just die."

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Puts me in mind of the state sales tax exemption certificate I got from the Indiana DOR (for an NFP I help manage) in the same mail with a letter stating that our sales tax exemption would be granted as soon as we filed tax returns for 2008-2010.

I suspect after the letter went out, they realized that we had just received our federal NFP status and didn't have those returns to give them yet.

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