March 19, 2012

Head scratchers.

Lots of companies get tax breaks. Big Oil does. So does GE and Big Auto. The tax breaks given to the failed alternative energy companies are huge.

I am not going to argue the validity of tax breaks for corporations.

I do know this. President Obama has argued that the best way to reduce prices at the pump is to remove the tax breaks in place for Big Oil. In what universe does increasing costs on a supplier reduce the price to the consumer? Ponder the position. Obama actually believes (or expects you to believe) that oil prices will go down if Big Oil's costs go up! Seriously?

Obama says increasing the supply of oil will not reduce the price, but reducing demand will. Stay with me here liberals -- reducing demand means the supply will increase! At this point all we arguing about is the methods. Obama does not want you to drive a car, to use oil; he is just sneaky about his position.  Oh, he has stated his objections to energy use, but he is trying to hide it from the average ignorant part-time news watcher.

Liberals and progressives want you to think they are smarter than you and I.  This is not about common sense, it is about power and control.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

It's all that New Math they were taught in school.

The dirty secret was that it was really Marxist Math.

Dave said...

Liberals want higher gas prices so they're blaming the oil companies for their handiwork. Then they propose screwing over the oil companies because they're supposedly screwing us over. Oil companies pay more taxes and reinvest less, thereby further increasing the price of oil.

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