March 30, 2012

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One of the local cable stations fills its programming with old TV shows. Late at night you can catch episodes of Mission Impossible. Not the Tom Cruise cinema showpieces, but the original TV series. Back in the late Jurassic of my youth, I thought this show was the bomb. Re-viewing reveals some serious plat holes.

One thing was clear, we knew who our enemies were in the halcyon days of the late Cold War.  Each week the IM Force outwitted nefarious Eastern Bloc Commie MoFos. Today, the socialists are in the White House.

We just are not supposed to say so.

I am pretty sure, if the IM Forces were still extant, it would be out blackmailing and swindling erstwhile capitalists. I suspect Clinton used the last vestiges of the Agency to bring down ENRON. Of course, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of the action...


hey teacher... said...

Was the video sponsored by Budweiser?
Bartender slinging a beer, draft lever being pulled and an empty glass being slammed down in the span of a minute of snippets. Ahhhhh. capitalism!
MI and Wild, Wild West were faves in my youth as well.

Anonymous said...

Plat holes?

Cappy said...

Greg Morris - another fine actor from Cleveland, and dad to the future Johnny Cochran parody on Seinfeld.

Hey, teacher... said...

Anonymous said...

Plat holes?
That's where the explosion leaves a big crater on the map that's in the script.

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