May 24, 2012

Another skirmish in the War on Women

I bet the NOW gang and liberals in general will be protesting and posting like crazy in indignation over this

 We should all be angry over the degradation of women.

Oh wait, NOW is only interested in the rights of LIBERAL women. There is no degradation too great for a conservative. Since Cupp appears on evil Fox News she deserves the treatment and we should pass it off as a joke,  I guess.

My side hurts from laughing so hard.

edit.  Wednesday afternoon both Planned Parenthood Action Fund (the self-described political arm of Planned Parenthood) and contraception activist Sandra Fluke tweeted in support of Cupp.*

edit.  Then there is THIS.  *

Even the democrats in the Senate are waging war on women.  I be tthere will be all kinds of outrage about this inequality...

chirpity chirp chirp.

I forgot, only Righties hate women.

* via Hot Air

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