May 26, 2012

In lieu of Tweeting

Since I do not have a Twitter account, and do not want one, I am offering this slice of my life to pique your flagging interest in this piece o'crap blog. All the cool people are keeping the public abreast of their momentary actions and this:is is my anti-twitter attempt jump on the poularity bandwagon. As an aside, is there nothing in this world more pathetic than a 50 year-old guy trying to be cool? What next sports cars and a trophy wife?


Listening to Yours is no Disgrace from the live Yes album Yessongs

Music awesomeness on a Saturday morning. I think I will back up the iPod when it is done and start it again.


Have a great weekend.

Here, now you can agree with me. Dig the "jam" at the beginning: And listen to the guitar solo in the middle sections. This is all the evidence you need to prove just how much Justin Bieber and modern music sucks.

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