May 7, 2012

Look and sigh

If you were to take the time to look up the term "pack rat" in your favorite reference source, you would find a picture of my wife. The kid's old clothes, shoes, toys and general junk is in boxes all through the closets, garage, attic, and even a rented storage building. Why do we need a box two boxes of my daughter's outgrown shoes from her early teen years?  Don't ask me. Boxes of old dance costumes? Again...?

Perhaps we are saving this "stuff" for the garage sale we never have. The current collection of stuff has become so large that it is overwhelming. Do not get me wrong, my wife is not a "Hoarder's" candidate yet. But there are a lot of boxes and bags and bins around here.  Anyway, we have started cleaning out the piles of detritus in the garage. After a thorough cleaning, we plan on holding the boy's Graduation Open House in that space.  Since we are lucky enough to have a three car garage, there is plenty of room to set up tables. We just have to remove the boxes of "stuff" stacked in the third car bay.

The effort started over the weekend. I planned on much of the goods winding up at Goodwill or the dump. So far most have been transported to the attic. Only a few odds and ends are in the "trash" pile. A buddy with a truck (the best kind of friend) agreed to haul the bunk beds, mattresses. a TV stand, desk, and end tables to storage later in the week.  That will free up a lot of room. But that list will give an idea of the problem.


Anonymous said...

He was elected because the majority of people who actually voted were either stupid or lazy or both, those that didn't vote also fall into the same class. I don't see this country getting any smarter and lazy breeds lazy. Be prepared for a second term brought to you by the same groups.
James Old Guy

Anonymous said...

commented on wrong post,,got to lay off the sweet tea.

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