May 5, 2012

Situational Saturday

My life is not consumed by politics. I spend a good bit of time ranting about The State of Things around here. that is what this piece of the interwebz is for -- I can write about whatever the Hell I want.  that you stop by and read it is a big bonus.

I enjoy the interaction of the comments. I like it when Erin stops by and gives her two cents. I may not agree, but it offers a different viewpoint.  That is valuable if for no other reason than it helps me solidify my position. Plus, as anyone who knows me can attest -- I like to argue. I will debate nearly anything, any side.

I don't want to be obsessed with politics.  I have friends with very different ideas. One guy who is a liberal Democrat died-in-the-wool union guy and I have a great time together. We just leave the politics out of it. Why bother?  The closest we come is occasional good natured jabs -- like the Obama card he gave me on my last birthday.  That stuff is funny. I guess you do not spend all of your time discussing the latest political news with your friends either.

What is the point here?  I cannot think of a more dreary life than to obsess over anything:  Bill Ayres, the Occupy people, those on the road for the Tea Party, Reverend Jessie, or Cindy Sheehan. I cannot image my life being a one-note song. Every discussion can not be about God, about politics, about immigration.

Are there problems in this world?  Yes there are. Taking a few minutes off to have a beer, smoke a cigar, listen to some music watch a ball game, see a movie, or laugh with your family and friends does not make the problems disappear, but it sure makes life worth living.


Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks for the shout and have a nice weekend, Hoose.

Greybeard said...

Then there's this,
and those of us who have been pounding the drum will shrug our shoulders (or worse) when the "Don't worry, be happy" types beg for food.

For those that do give a damn about what is happening in the world, (and know that it is ALL politics), watch what happens in Europe now that France has decided it doesn't want to give up its addiction to spending.
I fear the dominoes are about to start tumbling.

To those who might be offended by my words, I offer up my lib apology...
I'm sorry you're offended.

Joe said...

Don't misunderstand me, Greybeard. I love politics, and fully understand the events of the world affect my life. This election is as important as any in my 50 years of life. But I do have other interests. I don't obsess or let politics consume every discussion.

Siobhan said...


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