May 2, 2012

Sometimes one plus one does equal three

When you connect the dots, the numbers are just a guideline.  You are free to make any pattern you desire.

That said, I read about some anarchists who plotted to blow up a bridge near Cleveland. Northeast Ohio has long been a liberal bastion and I am not surprised there are anarchists hiding in plain sight.

Here is a question for you.  Do you think these thwarted domestic terrorists are more likely to have attended the recent 'Tea Party Rally' in Cleveland, or the 'Occupy Cleveland' protests?

F-ing Wobblies.


CnC said...

I wanted to watch CBS news last night just to see how they reported this and as you can guess they never mentioned once that these assholes were Occupiers. had to go online to find that out or watch Fox news to get the real story.

Anonymous said...

Tea Partiers would've got the job done!

Larry said...

But I do like the fact that their get-away plan included throwing tacks out the window of their car in case they were being followed.

Don't FBI folks wear shoes?

It's all about the details. ;-)

Erin O'Brien said...

Plenty of good local coverage on The Fabulous Five.

Now then, connect these dots, Hoose: Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, Fort Hood shooting suspect Maj. Nidal Hasan, and murderer of 17 Afghans Sgt. Robert Bales.

Hey, I'll do it for you: they were all in the military.

And as we all know, it is ridiculous to cast any inference on military institutions or participants because of those three unfortunate men--just the same way your equation including those five stupid kids and the Occupy movement is ridiculous.

At least those punks didn't kill anybody.

Anonymous said...

As always Erin can be depended upon to ignore the facts, if these punks had been attached, associated or attended a TPARTY rally she would have been outraged. The newspapers would have been all over it the evening news would be day after day of always bias reporting. Fair and Balance,, not Erin.
Now on the other side, wacko's abound and their association with any organization other than Muslim radicals is usually not the message of the organization.
James Old Guy

Erin O'Brien said...

I am as disgusted as anyone over those punks. That bridge is 8 miles from my house. That they took action to detonate the fake bombs is beyond me. Thank God the FBI was onto them, but you really need to read the link in my previous comment. Their "Occupy" link was nothing compared the other wrap sheets they had.

I went down to Occupy Cleveland a few times and never felt intimidated or saw anything that looked out of line.

But no worries, y'all win. The city pulled their tent permit today.

Joe said...

The post was really a jibe at the current Director of Homeland Security who published a report stating that Right Wing Terrorists were the biggest threat to the United States. perhapzetti and theirs she needed to take a closer look at the Left Wing.

Joe said...

Erin -- no one "wins" here. Knee jerk reaction by the authorities is always the reaction. I think public political rallies are pointless. I care little tha tthe Tea Party wants to gather and play patriotic songs, or the Occupiers want to camp out.

At some point a perpetual tent city needs to be cleaned up. I suspect the dozen or less Occupiers in Cleveland had just worn out their welcome.

By the same token, Lafayette Park in Washington DC is just an eyesore. There have been perpetual protesters there for forty years.

protesting is inbred in the American psyche. It seems we cannot help ourselves.

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