June 29, 2012

Big Government lands a sharp left hook, Freedom is on the ropes

It has been almost a day now since the ObamaCare ruling. The Republic has not been radically transformed. That was started long ago when FDR implemented his socialist agenda that prolonged the Depression. The slide into Big Government was aided and abetted by Democrats and willing Republicans in the following decades. ObamaCare is merely a bigger step down the slope.

One thing is clear to this amateur political watcher. We can no longer apply the sobriquet "Conservative" to Justice Roberts. His decisions in the Arizona and ObamaCare cases put that illusion to rest.

Some pundits are looking for any hint of light in this ruling. Some say Roberts actually helped the limited Government cause by seemingly giving the Big Government types a victory, while limiting Congress powers. It is true the Commerce Clause gambit was repudiated strongly by the Court. And the slap down of the Medicaid expansion limits Congress' powers to tell the States what to do.

In the end, Roberts has made it easier than ever for the Progressive wing to force us into behavior they want and desire. No longer does compelling Americans to act have to be under the purview of "commerce". Now it can be mandated as a tax. And what a strange taxing system is now upheld by the SCOTUS! Congress can mandate you buy something from a private company, and then fine you if you do not. This is now the definition of a tax.

I am certain Pelosi and company are already writing legislation to force you into using green energy. Does anyone doubt we will see a bill introduced in Obama's second term demanding all cars you own must meet certain fuel mileage guidelines or you pay a fine? Hey! The Government has to make up all the money it is losing on the Chevy Volt. Guess what? Justice Roberts has decreed that is a Constitutional tax.

This decision has just allowed Congress to mandate anything they choose, fine you if you do not acquiesce and it is defined as a tax. The Nanny State just got the power to compel us to do what is good for us individually and collectively, based on whatever the politician in place thinks you should do. Don't fool yourself into believing Republican power brokers are not secretly figuring out ways to use this new taxing power as well.

We laughed at the idea of banning sugary drinks in New York. Friends, we have just scratched the surface and Roberts gave the Government a sharp object.

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Yabu said...

Well said, my friend...well said. I think I'll go have a extra large Coke, in honor of these assholes. We were fucked before, but we really might be fucked long, deep, and continuous, now.

Some say Roberts is a smart man, and probably just gave the election to Romney. Me, I'm not so sure.

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