June 14, 2012

Friday Covers, Thursday Edition

The original by Tommy James and the Shondelles. The tremolo voice effect was achieved by running the voice mike through the guitar amp. Pretty edgy for 1968. According to the notoriously inaccurate Wikipedia, James used an Ampeg guitar amp. My son has one of these now rare 1960's era Ampeg guitar amps.

Joan Jett, fresh out of the Runaways, tackles the tune in her solo debut. I remember this version blasting from the jukebox down at the Pizza King while my girlfriend (and current wife) and I played MS Packman.

For you who dig modern artists, here is American Idol Kelly Clarkson covering the tune live. I like this version.

And finally the wee one, Prince, the symbol, whatever, butchers it almost beyond recognition.


Yabu said...

Great song.

Tommy was the man.

Joan nailed it pretty good.

Kelly did a good job.

Prince can kiss my purple ass.

hey teacher... said...

Tommy's is great!
Joan and Kelly nice cover band versions.
Prince reinvents it and makes it his own as a real artist would. Like the Beatles reworking Chuck Berry or Little Richard. Curious why Yabu has a purple ass. Probably should get that looked at.

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