June 25, 2012

The future is now

Today may be a big news day as the future of ObamaCare should be announced by the SCOTUS today.  Or maybe Thursday. Or maybe another Monday or Thursday.

Ponder this set of ideas. The Government, as envisioned by King Obama, believes it has the power to force you to buy health insurance. Liberals in New York and Massachusetts believe they have the power to dictate the size of soft drink you can order. How big is the next step to forcing you to buy diet soda, or the drink the Nannies-in-charge want you to drink?  How does that Soilent Green taste?

After all, it was just weeks ago my favorite liberal blogger told me there was no way the Government would force a church to offer same sex marriages. Except the progressive types in Europe already are taking that next step.

When you allow a government to define what freedoms you possess, that same Government can take them away. Madison and the Founders knew this.  That is why our Freedoms were described as God-given in the founding documents.

Progressives and Liberals forget the Government derives its power from the people, not the reverse.


Yabu said...

The aftermath is going to be very interesting, No matter which way they rule. Might be riots. Personally, I don't believe the government should force its citizens to buy anything.

I will read the judgement when it's handed down, no matter how long it is. Either way, this will be a major ruling.

Rita said...

And the reason we cannot afford apathetic voters this November.

CnC said...

I'm over my apathy today!

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