June 4, 2012

I need a vacation to recover from the weekend

I am a bit behind on the news and politics of the day. We had a great weekend. Graduation was as expected.  The graduates were exhorted to look to the future, there was talk about the road of life, blah, blah, I did not listen too closely. Names were called, diplomas were passed, choirs sang, mortar board caps were tossed.  White trash hooted and yelled when their progeny walked across the stage. As Walter Cronkite would intone --"And you were there".

Lots of family and friends stopped by the house. There was enough food to feed the Sudan with some left over for Ethiopia. Too many sweets. Everyone took home food and we still have some leftovers. The weather was perfect, albeit a little windy. We played some cornhole, drank some beer, and the boy even joined us on the deck for a nice stogie. Our very good friends stayed and helped us clean up -- how cool is that?

But now it is Monday and it is back to work. The highways and byways and perhaps even the friendly skies will be my workplace this week as I try my best to overcome Obamanomics and make some money.  Happy Monday!


Erica said...

It's these kinds of posts that will always keep me coming back to read your site.

Anonymous said...

You are too kind


Cappy said...

Shape up, dangit. No feeding of Sudan. Or Ethiopia. You are a heartless rat-bastard conservative.

Any more of this hippie talk and I will banish you to Detroit for eternity.

Anonymous said...

Take heart Cappy. I said I had enough food, not that I would put it to any use but feeding me and mine


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