July 6, 2012

Hot Town

It is hotter than Hades around these parts. I bet it is at your house too. It is summer, that's what happens in summer -- it gets hot. I bet come January it will be much colder. I could be a weatherman.

We did not do much on the Fourth, as I posted there were no fireworks in my little city. I watched me some John Wayne in Hellfighters and Frank in Von Ryan's Express. For supper I threw some burgers on the grill. I made homemade potato salad, macaroni salad and deviled eggs to round out the meal. Earlier in the day I made some brownies too.

Back to work yesterday, it seemed like the second Monday of the week.

I had some interesting political discussions tis week.  Two different buddies on two different days expressed the same attitude. One is a moderate, the other a staunch Democrat Union guy, a lifer in the Postal Service. Neither wants Obama to take another run at things, and neither is crazy about Romney (that makes three of us). Both think ObamaCare is a horrible idea, there is no way the cost can be contained or the current level of care they both enjoy can be continued. Both are in a strong "through the bums out" mode concerning Congress.

I'm not sure what this means, after all anecdote is not data, and a sampling size of three is not too relevant. But I think the People are fed up. The Democrats and Republicans did not get the signals in 2010 and I think there is Hell to pay for many politicians come November.


Dave said...

The little town I live in had fireworks. You could have driven an hour each way to see ours. Wait, everybody else around came to see ours, so staying home was probably a good call.

CnC said...

We picked a great time to stay at the little fishin shed donw here in Nashville In, this week. 101 yesterday spose to get to 106 today down here, we have already had a few 100 + days, but we have been surviving by staying in the water a lot. I hear by the time we get home Sun. it will cool down to 92 !

Yabu said...

I was talking to my mid twenties niece, and she said many young people will vote against Obama. I hope she's right.

Mockingbird said...

The holiday meal sounds great.
I think alot of us folks got the message in 2010-we just don't want to argue needlessly with friends, family members, etc. All the years of heated discussion about collectivism didn't convince certain family members about socialism, and now they are near broke; and I'm not. We free market persons do not rub salt in peoples' dumb life choices.

Rita said...

Everyone I know that thought Obama would change the world now just say that all politicians are alike. Everyone in Bob's family voted for him except Bob and his oldest daughter. This time around I think there will be one one of those 15 or so doing it again. It's just so hard not to say I told you so.

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