July 17, 2012

Mountain Goat Memoirs

I had to do some rare travels over the weekend.  Monday morning found me traveling the hills and dales of the north-east corner of the Volunteer State. I finished early yesterday with my customer and picked up the trusty old atlas. Just a few ridges away was this house:

If you are a hard-core war movie fan you will recognize that abode from the pivotal scene at the end of an Academy Award (insert applicable trademarks symbol) winning picture. Yes, that is the home of Sergeant Alvin York, one of the most decorated soldiers in American history. I also made a quick stop to the York burial site, just a short distance away.

I have stated it many times and fellow road warriors will testify; life on the road is not the fun and glamour most of you imagine.  It is these little side trips that makes it all worthwhile. And the paycheck. I like the paycheck.


Mockingbird said...

You must have been up Kingsport-Bristol-Johnson City way.

Anonymous said...

York's home is in north TN (west of I-75) inPall Mall


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