August 31, 2012

A glimpse into the life of an Average Joe

I drove over a thousand miles this week. It was through some of the most boring, flat, nondescript landscape in this wonderful nation -- the breadbasket of the world; the cornbelt.

I ate too much fast food and spent nights in different hotels. That is my job, and I am OK with it. It is the occasional semi-interaction with fellow humans that makes the job worthwhile. For instance, I overheard the following quip while standing at a line of urinals at a rest-stop somewhere along I- 57 in nowhere Illinois:

"My urine smells like beef jerky"

It took remarkable self control to contain my laughter until I was back in my car.


Mockingbird said...

Wait 'til you try the bleu cheese dressing!

Woodman said...

I know it's been a long day, or it's fourth quarter (adds up to the same thing) when late in the afternoon I go to the gentleman's room and it smells like I'm brewing coffee.

mts1 said...

Nothing's as embarrassing as busting out laughing when alone, and if you tried to explain to onlookers, you're still digging that hole. Once I was walking along a small town lakefront, and when a couple of people met, the Dachshund that one of them was walking got so excited it started jumping up and down, but like a see-saw; front paws first, backside, front, back, etc. I made it 30 feet away before I leaned on the railing and LOL'd so hard I snotted into the lake.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yeah, the really good, home-made beef jerky will definitely stay with a person all the way.

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