August 22, 2012

Capitalist Mofos strike again. I need to go occupy someplace.

The wife and I went to the grocery last night*. We bought a cartload of foodstuffs.  I needed some coffee so I hit the appropriate aisle with trepidation.  If you have purchased coffee in the past year or so, you know even your Folgers and Maxwell House have more than doubled in price. Current coffee prices are at the levels only a few scant years ago was reserved those rare coffee beans culled from the turds of ballet dancing Indonesian marmots. Now coffee is priced higher per pound than a good beefsteak.

The sneaky evil capitalist overlords at Maxwell House have found a way to fool the less-than-attentive shopper. The price is roughly the same as I paid a month or so ago, the can has shrunk again!

Just a few years ago the common package size for coffee was a two pound container.  That venerable packaging changed to 34.5 ounces when the price of coffee began to skyrocket.  Now we find our favorite morning pick me up is offered in a puny little 30.6 ounce plastic can. This equates to 30 fewer cups per container. But the price has remained the pretty much the same.

I think this whole coffee situation is really a model for the Obama Administration.  It costs more, you get less, and no one really likes the way things are trending.

* I am not one of those old guys who follows the wife around at the store telling her what to buy.  I have done most of the grocery shopping for a long time --I do most of the cooking, it only makes sense.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

How were the rates at the grocery loan window?

Mockingbird said...

I love coffee, but it is treat when I'm with a friend or relative.
I switched to tea after I got several coupons at the Taste of Dallas Festival, over a year ago. It's much cheaper, tastes great, and it goes with my Tea Party values.

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