August 15, 2012


We successfully delivered the Boy to college yesterday. His dorm room is tiny and the furniture is beat to hell. I have seen small dorm rooms before, but this is pretty bad. I think the room at one point was designed for a single and now they have space issues so two are in the room.  There is only about a foot and a half between the end of the beds and the closet. In order for the door to open, the two twin beds have to be placed side by side, almost like a king bed.  There is a gap of about 6 inches between the beds.  They are going to have to bunk the beds, even though neither wanted to before they saw the room.  In the best University tradition, you have to pay to have the beds bunked -- $75. The 'Man' has the metal pins and you can't have 'em for free.There is no dresser for either roommate, only a small nightstand pushed into the closet for each.

He could be one of the students assigned to sleep in the common room/ lounge. There is that. He did not seem too upset about the situation.  We will see when the roommate arrives today.  A small room gets much smaller when two occupy the space. 

We were terrible parents, our boys had to share a room growing up. The boy is used to sleeping in a bunk bed and sharing a small space.  He will be fine.

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Anonymous said...

Smallest room I ever had was in a trailer park in Black Oak, IN (pretty sure Black Oak is generally considered as a notch DOWN from Gary).

The room was like 10x5, and the trailer sat about 75 feet from a set of Conrail tracks going to the steel mills (when they were still in pretty full swing).

I was lucky though. I was the only girl so I got the tiny room to myself.


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