August 21, 2012

I bet their parents are so proud

There you have it, two living, walking, talking pieces of shit.

h/t Hyperbolic Chamber


Snowbrush said...

The word sociopath comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

And they will vote. Guess which party.

James Old Guy

Rita said...

Where in the hell did they get the money to buy Starbucks? What kind of parents let their kids continue to have a cell phone after they pull that bull?

This just makes me feel like slapping the monsters. It's that kind of soulless creature that end up killing other young girls for fun.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Time to go after the parents.
OWS cadre members.

mts1 said...

Update, she and a boyfriend robbed a guy of his prescription drugs at gunpoint, and she did a year of jail for that. Actually, sentence was the year already served, and there's people in prison doing 10 years standing up for the very same crime.

She probably wonders why she was picked on so hard by the court. After all, all she did was steal the guy's medicine; he probably got a refill, and Medicare must've paid for most of it already, so why are they so hard on her?

Something tells me her parents were the ones who got on the teacher's butt for being hard on their perfect princess who could do no wrong. Some people get over in life on charm and good looks, and no matter what she does she'd end up some rich dude's trophy wife.

CnC said...

I dont hate many people in this world, I dont even hate Obama, I do hate Hitler, Bin Laden, Stalin and these 2 bitch skanks and their parents.

Cappy said...


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