August 18, 2012

It seeps into your brain at night

I don't think I have OCD tendencies. I like to do things a certain way, and I keep stuff in a certain place, but organizing according to a particular whim and obsessing are very different. And we all do stuff out of habit and familiarity. Perhaps that I always put on my left shoe before my right shoe may qualify, but I think we all have some idiosyncrasies.

But...sometimes at night when I am sleeping I get a thought in my brain and I worry and obsess with it in my dreams, in those half-awake/half-asleep stages.  It remains a worm in my brain when I wake to pee, it remains a ghost of thought when I wake up. I cannot shake the thought from my brain. I have solved many a problem with this skill/curse. Sometimes the obsessive worrying takes a more ridiculous turn.

Last night the only theme in my brain was that I was researching why cartoon characters wear white gloves on their hands, but no other clothing. I was consumed with finding the answer.

I know!

But for some stupid reason that is all I could dream or think about all night long. 

Why do some cartoon characters wear gloves?


Rita said...

The artist couldn't draw fingers.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Can't have 'em running around completely naked.
Rita might be right, but I just thought of this:
It's to anthropomorphize them.
Goofy has clothes, Pluto does not.

Similarly, while dreaming, I try to problem solve programing issues that
make no sense at all.
I once woke up trying to "program" my clock radio as if it were industrial equipment, getting it to work with the robots that were in the hallway outside the bedroom door.

Mockingbird said...

Being in a cartoon is a dirty business. Now go back to sleep.

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