August 24, 2012

Just wondering

If the words of one idiot Republican means every Republican is in favor of rape and forced pregnancy, does the actions of one Democrat mean all Democrats are child molesters?


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Interesting question. Too bad the left-wing press isn't interested in the answer.

Anonymous said...

See that is what you get for wondering into a liberal blog and expecting an answer to a simple question. I have been following that abortion of a debate over there.

James Old Guy

Rita said...

I am so sick of liberal women claiming to speak for all women.

I used to be pro-life except in the cases of rape or incest but I couldn't reconcile the fact that if I believe life begins at conception, I can't then say I believe a baby should die because his father's an asshole that should be castrated after he's been Bobbitted.

"Before I formed you ine the womb, I knew you."

If anyone should be killed because some rapist impregnated a woman, it shouldn't be the child. Believe me, I understand that's a hard stance to take, but if it's a life when it's planned and it's all rainbows and light, it's still a child when the circumstances of conception is violence.

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