August 8, 2012

More than a difference in opinion

We can agree to disagree on many things: Chevy vs. Ford, the designated hitter, pulp or no pulp in your morning glass of OJ. You might like mustard on your hot dog. It could be a preference for Miller over Bud or black ink compared to blue ink pens. You might secretly dig kitten boxing, or Japanese cartoon porn. Some people actually root for the New York Yankees and New England Patriots.  There is no accounting for individual taste.

But on one subject there can be no mistake. If you choose something besides smooth Jif peanut butter on white bread, you are just plain wrong.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of bread, think I will bake some.

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

I choose not to choose.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Sorry, bro. Peter Pan household here, both sides, from childhood. Jif tastes like plastic peanuts spread on bread. I will agree with "smooth", and "white bread", although it's usually "white potato bread".

And some people like the White Sox, too. Again, no accounting for taste.

kdzu said...

Chunky on Honey Wheat.
If I really go for the gusto..

Welch's grape jelly and chunky for a stick to your ribs sandwich.

Woodman said...

Chunky on wheat Jiff still, with homemade marmalade. Or whatever jelly we have laying around.

Word to the wise, in desperation apple/pear butter will not work as a jelly substitute.

My wife swears by nutella and lemon curd on white bread. But she's odd.

CnC said...

Joe I think that is the most hateful thing you have ever said. You probably give money to anti-crunchy peanut butter hate groups.

Crunchy peanut butter and jelly samich on buttered toast made with cracked whole wheat bread.
Any other choice is just plain crunchy peanut butter bigotry

Mockingbird said...

Local Florida grown crunchy peanut butter and local source galberry honey...on local baked cracked wheat bread.
Jif is made by communist slaves.

hey teacher... said...

holy crap Joe we agree

Anonymous said...

We can always agree on FACT and TRUTH


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