September 8, 2012


I am a live and let live kind of guy. I am a small "L" libertarian., a conservative through and through.

But there is one group of people I really, really, dislike, and my distaste almost borders on hate. Who are these degenerates, these barbarians in the world of Joe (a place we all agree would be a fine place to live)?  I have no use for brown-nosers, suck-ups, teacher's pet types. At one blog I frequent there is a commenter that is so over the top in her fawning boot-licking that it is nauseating. The ass kissing is so blatant it comes across as a sixth grade crush. It makes me want to puke up my Capt'n Crunch.

I hated those ass kisser suck up types when I was a kid, and my tolerance is nil these days.

I have equal disdain for the fawning news media. I have little doubt my failure to achieve the highest levels of success can be directly traced to my refusal to brown-nose my way to the top. I can live with that.  At least I can look in the mirror each morning without shame.


Anonymous said...

Still no comments from the loyal following of the other side. I guess that would take them out of their comfort zone or maybe I just suck. I can live with either. On your post, I think she is in love.
James Old Guy

Joe said...

I am sure you know which commenter I am talking about, James. Her head is stuck in so far that when the blogger farts, twinks says "'scuse me".

Ed Bonderenka said...

Joe, I totally agree with everything you say here, even though I haven't a clue as to the specific blog you and JOG are referring to.

BTW I absolutely adore the latest rendition of Race as your avatar.
You have such excellent taste in making a choice like that.
Well, I've got to go now, but I'm waiting breathlessly for your next post.

Anonymous said...


You crack me up


Rita said...

The ones that drive me crazy are the ones that become so hateful when you disagree with them that their followers have become nothing but little parrots. I used to regularly read a liberal blogger who was quite bright, when she referred to me as a TEA bagged, I tried to explain why that was offensive as well as ChristianIST.

There was no reasoning at all and the next day she posted one of the most vile, hateful posts about conservatives and the TEA party that I never post there at all and rarely read it

When I do stop by it's ranting the usually liberal lies and all then minions praise everything she says. How boring.

I can have disagreements with my online buddies, like when Ed disagreed with me about Penn State because I was right and he was wrong, of course. ;).

But now you have me curious.

Rita said...

Or maybe the chick is afraid she'll be blocked like our little buddy Ed did when he dared to disagree with a blogger.

CnC said...

Joe you are one of the strongest bloggers on here, we have no stronger ally, you consistently punch above your weight.
ooooooh sorry, I already used that line in every county in Europe sorry'
sincerly, Bozama

CnC said...

I mean country, damn ! I hate myself, I mean every county in Indiana!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Well Rita, at least you didn't block me after Penn State...

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