September 30, 2012

How to carve a standing rib roast

As you probably have guessed I am working on a book.  It is going nowhere. Like most of my writing it starts off not too bad and then kind of fizzles. I have a notebook dating back more than thirty years filled with story starts (and believe it or not, Jean, a few poems of the worst variety.). My kids can throw the notebook and the printed pages of the crap I have published here away when I finally take the dirt nap.

We found ourselves in the heart of downtown Muncie last night for the Muncie Music Fest. The boy's band played a great set.  This was the best I have ever heard them play. The band was tight. A random young man standing next to me muttered after the fourth song, "Man, they are in a zone"..The band is heading to record a new album in a couple of weeks. My oldest son has the artistic talent  I wish I had. He can draw, paint and is an excellent song writer and musician. I think these abilities are often present in an ambidextrous person. Tomorrow is his 24th birthday.

Now to really confuse you, today is my son's birthday. You read that right. My oldest son will be 24 tomorrow and my youngest son is 19 today. Can you believe it? When I started this blog the little one was playing Little League and elementary school football. Now he is a freshman in college. Geez,where did the time go?


Dax Montana said...

Even Stephen King started with a Short story...Finish one of those before tackling a whole book...time does fly...

Anonymous said...

Wait until your a Grandfather.

James Old Guy

Jean said...

You don't give yourself enough credit for the talents you have, Joe.

Jean said...


Much Happy Birthday wishes to the boys!

Mockingbird said...

I stop by your blog most every day, cause I like what you write here.(I have written down my best story ideas...under the influence at night.)
It's so good your oldest son is off to the races playing music; Happy Birthday to him, too.
I seems your family is in the zone these day.
Best to you,

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