September 17, 2012

Ignorance on parade

Anonymous Anonymous said...
To bad you couldn't get an illustrator to do a portrait of Mohammed eating those ribs. That would have show them or maybe gotten a marine or two killed in a backlash.
This quote is from a comment to my smart-assed post below.

I lack the vocabulary to adequately express my scorn for this Anon E. Mouse's sentiment. I suppose this Mouse would teach his/her kids to just cough up their lunch money to the school bully. No lunch is better than the alternative, I guess.

This comment exhibits a startling ignorance of history and human nature.  I advise the commenter to spend a few hours at the local public library looking up 'appeasement' in the history section.  Hell, even a few minutes in Wikipedia will help.  Here,  I'll do half of the work for you. This bit of research will be like throwing a shovel of dirt into the Grand Canyon when it comes to filling in the gaps in your intellect, Dear Commenter, but we have to start your education somewhere.

Oh, and if my response upsets you, just send me five bucks and I won't make fun of you anymore.


Ed Bonderenka said...

"five bucks and I won't make fun of you anymore."

Anonymous said...

Send me ten bucks right now or I will tell everyone your a liberal.

Not really

Woodman said...

Ok JOG, five bucks and I won't point out the difference between your and you're.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind I am the king of typos


Mickey said...

I remember you Joe. You were the kid who threw rocks at the chained dog and then cried like a baby when the dog broke the chain and bit you in your smart-ass.

Anonymous said...

Mickey. I remember you. You are the guy who shows up at blogs and drops non sequitor comments.

Or maybe you are the Mickey who I remember pissing his pants every day in elementary school


mickey said...

I pissed my pants because I was laughing so hard at you getting you ass bit over and over again.
Non sequitor??? I believe my "sarcasm" has been wasted.

Joe said...

Sarcasm? Really? Is that what that was Mickey? Maybe you should try another approach, because you really just are not very good at sarcasm. I don't mind debate, but I have to have something of substance to argue with.

I know, You say I threw rocks at dogs. I'll reply that the clocks runs three minutes slow.

See, posting random comments that do not relate to the subject at hand is fun but nonsensical.

Perhaps you are the author of the original idiotic comment, and you are somehow claiming you are going to come and bite my ass? In that case I should tell you I am not into ass biting and rim jobs -- sorry. But, hey, I am a live and let live kind of guy and if you are into shit eating and ass biting, have at it. Maybe your partner will chow down on some corn and get you a little second hand nutrition.

Don't construe that last bit as an invitation to eat shit and die. I want you to come back and demonstrate your ignorance to all of my readers every day.

Anonymous said...

Mickey is a dickhead liberal man whore with bad breath. Just saying

Mickey said...

I see that you are now the conductor on the gay bash express and you already picked up a passenger. Nice! Oh shit was that some of your zippy sarcasm? I apologize, some times I can't tell the difference between sarcasm, non-sequitors and bone-headed right wing gibberish. Have a nice day gentlemaen.

Oh and having Mitt inflect a "Father knows best" tone would be like having Dark Lord Cheney address the straight shooters club. I gues I better go out and get a new clock too while I'm at it.

Joe said...

Well Mick, I'd write smarter but then you wouldn't be able to understand it

I'll try typing slower tomorrow, maybe that will help.

Huckleberry Mouse said...

Curses foiled agaiin! What time is it anyway?

Joe said...

You really are not too good at this trollng stuff, my Mousketeer friend. You did get in the obligatory Darth Cheney, but you left out a comment on the stupidity of GW "The Shrub" Bush and Sarah Palin. You forgot to mention the war on women and how all GOPers hate the poor. There was no statement about how the Republican agenda only helps the richest 1% and that all whiteys who are not liberal despise people of color. I cannot believe you failed to reference the teabaggers. And think, you did not blame anything on Faux News.

For shame.

And I thought you might be willing or able to have an actual debate and dialogue about the issues. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Gay bash? One can be a dickhead liberal man whore with bad breath without being gay. I just think Mick is a fucking moron, who had probably never actually put in a hard days work in his whole miserable, petty little scared life.

James Old Guy

Mickey said...

Did you infer that I was referring to you as a gay basher for your pithy comments. You don't have to be a myopic, right-wing regurgitator to be a gay basher but apparently it seems to help. As a semi-retired farmer I think I can qualify for having put in a few days of hard work. As for being a moron, I constructed this entire reply without once bursting into obscenities, something James Kicking It Old School Guy isn't capable of.
Joe, I didn't mention any of those other GOP things because I knew some other moron would.
Just saying.

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