September 7, 2012

No "There" in that speech.

President Hope n Change delivered a great speech last night -- if you are into platitudes. The speech was filled with slogans and inspiration and a bit bereft of substance. Clint Eastwood's metaphor of an empty chair was apt, but a little off, last week.  An empty suit would have been more appropriate

I am certain The Obama stirred up and encouraged those voters who were going to vote for him anyway.

Much like Romney's tepid effort a week ago, I am not sure he swayed any undecideds.

But then if you are still undecided at this point I have serious doubts about your capacity to process and evaluate choices. No doubt you carry instructions penned in ink on the back of your hand reminding you to breathe.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Vlad Putin would love it if you voted for Zero.

Putin on U.S. Vote: Obama 'Genuine,' Romney 'Mistaken'

Dan O. said...

Empty suit was also what came to my mind when I heard about it. Also, pant-load. But then that would probably get me labelled racist. heh

Mockingbird said...

I've met wet bread with more leadership skills than Barack Obama.

CnC said...

Hey Putin wants president Gumby to get reelected. He wants to see just how flexible he can get.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I thankfully MISSED DumB-0's latest dump.

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