September 19, 2012

Trimming Goat Hooves

The calender says it is still the waning days of summer, but there is a distinctive feel of fall in the air around the Hoosierland.  Temperatures dipped in to the upper 30's last night. The wife was cold, so apparently that means I wanted a blanket thrown over me as well. That is how stuff works around here. I woke up sweating in the predawn  and kicked the blanket off.

Companies across America are heading into the busy season.  No, not the upcoming Holidays, but rather business planning time. Employees at every level are gazing intently at their crystal balls to see what the distant and not so distant future brings. If only we knew what Congress will do about the massive tax increase facing the Nation in a few short months.

I sat through some discussions on the economy last week, including a presentation from a former Fed official. One thing is clear, the coming tax increases will destroy the fragile underpinnings of the economy and likely will push us back into a recession, deeper than the last one.

My life these next few weeks will be visiting customer to see if they have Cassandra-like future reading skills and subsequent number crunching to appease the bosses above me.

And I need to mow the lawn.

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