September 9, 2012

Well, that was different

If you have read at this poor excuse for a blog for any length of time you know I dig movies. New, old, I don't care.  As we do frequently, the wife and I went to the theater last night to get our dosage of life escape, Hollywood style.

We saw a black comedy called Killer Joe. This is a black comedy of the blackest sort. We are talking Harold and Maude level black comedy. On steroids. Here is an example from one of the opening scenes:

Chris, played by Emile Hirsch is pounding on the windows and doors of a double wide in a driving rainstorm. Finally, his step-mom, Sharla (Gina Gershon) opens the door. She is wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. Her naked girl parts are staring Chris in the face.

Chris: Jesus, Sharla, put on some pants.
Sharla: I didn't know who it was at the door*

Mathew McConaughey (Joe) demonstrates some very real acting ability in this film and Juno Temple is simply outstanding as Dottie.

I tend to prefer light comedies, and there is no doubt Killer Joe is heavy dark stuff. Strange, violent, sad, humor is the best description I can offer.  As the film ended and the lights came up, much of the audience was still in their seats. One lady a few rows away summed up the movie experience perfectly, "Well, that was different".

*I tried without success to get the wife to re-enact that scene when we got home. 


Anonymous said...

You are a GOD! Just saying

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

Quite different than The Odd Life of Timothy Green (which we saw yesterday) I take it.

Mockingbird said...

What, no driving rainstorm? LOL

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