October 15, 2012

But you and I will be dead

I love being right. Acknowledgement of my rightness is music to my ears.

Future historians will look back on the Obama foreign policy regarding the Mideast in much the same light modern historians view Chamberlain and his policies toward Hitler. Remember, at the time the world thought Chamberlain was a genius. We now know his every action was exactly wrong.

We will look at Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State in much the same light -  a total disaster. The Obama policies will fare the same historical analysis.

Time will prove me dead on in this historical prediction. Perhaps future generations will discover my genius and save the collected works of this blog as proof. Likely the words and phrases will dwindle and die a meaningless and forgotten death in the interwebz.  I will be dead and worm food, no doubt.

I will still be right.

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