October 25, 2012

Days of future past -- part three

When we left off our tale The Republic was involved in a civil war. reform-minded people were in an armed struggle with the Federal government and its powerful army.

Far away in the East the Dear leader saw his chance. Now he knew his tiny country could not hope to take on the powerful Republic. Even fighting a civil war at home, one or tow divisions could destroy his army in weeks. he had a plan. On the edges of the world were many counties like his. Together they could win. he began secret negotiations to put aside long-time petty differences to ban together to fight the evil that held tyranny upon them all --The Republic. he said the wealth and power was there for the taking. he told his fellow leaders The Republic had internal problems and was weak, an immoral hollow shell. he told those who would listen that the destruction of the evil empire was prophesied. The time was now.

Agreements were reached. A plan was set. On a certain date people all over the world attacked the Republic everywhere. The far-flung bases came under assault. Ordinary citizens of the Republic working and visiting abroad were killed. Republican businesses were taken over and the Republic bank funds were confiscated.

Now The Republic noticed.

In many families the siblings will fight among themselves constantly. They will declare enmity and battle daily. But when an outsider threatens one of the family, all join together in defense. Over 300,000 people had died in the civil war. That was a lot of blood to get past. The Government knew it had to repair the internal strife to meet the outside attacks. the leaders went first to the larger cities and towns not yet in revolt, but who did not support the Republic either. The Feds offered those cities and states the reforms they wanted, if they would rejoin The Republic.  Citizenship was granted, land reform was enacted. Next they went to the areas defeated and secured already. The Republic offered the same terms, if armed resistance and guerrilla warfare would stop.  Those cities and states also agreed. Finally, the last remaining areas in revolt were offered the same deal. With most of the nation now arrayed against them, they agreed.

At that point most of the world's nations considered their options and chose not to join the Dear Leader in his war. The Dear Leader had envisioned the death of The Republic through a thousand cuts. Instead he scratched the beast just hard enough to make it really, really angry. The Dear Leader and his allies were crushed in just a matter of weeks and months.

At home, the politicians and the powerful did what they always do, they worked the system for their benefit.

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Erin O'Brien said...

Well Hoose, I sure hope the apocalypse holds off long enough for you to finish my book. And thanks-- from the bottom of my heart--for the time you spend with it.

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