October 5, 2012

Friday Hippie Music

Since most of you could not follow Obama's rambling mumbling piss poor debate performance, I have taken it upon myself to summarize his policies.  Behold, Ten Years After put it to music.


Mockingbird said...

I've alway liked that song.

Joe said...

Me too. It is one of my favorites. I crank it up when it plays on my iPod.

Hey teacher... said...

One of our special needs kids starts singing when he gets frustrated. Lots of Disney stuff, top 40, some Journey, etc... but the other day he starts belting out "Sunshine of Your Love"!!! The four teachers around him(during passing period) all had the WTF look on their face. Where's Jack Bruce when you need him. Made me think of Hippie Music Fridays.

Joe said...

Just thinking of that makes me happy. The future is bright when the young among us know good classic rock!

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