October 12, 2012

Friday Hippie Music

For occasional commenter Hey Teacher. We may not agree on the roll of unions, but we do agree on good music.

Remember to vote against Tony Bennett in the upcoming elections. Yes, Dear Reader,, i will be voting for a Democrat come November.


hey teacher... said...

Thanks for the dedication. Real men wear fur hats! I think TB should be retired for your daughter's sake and all good young teachers in Indiana who are getting screwed under his heavy thumb. As a relative short timer (6 years), I can endure as I have gotten to a good pay scale, they sadly will not. Merit pay is a cruel joke he has played on us all. No time for laughter, just action. I appreciate your vote or anti-vote, however you want to look at it. Now, what's your stance on Uriah Heep? The band not the Dickens character.

Joe said...

My daughter already tells me teaching is not what it was. She is in her fourth year. Part is the new and ever changing rules, part is she has a very difficult class this year; a child with SEVERE emotional issues. She spends much of the day calming tantrums, violence, outbursts, etc.(we are talking real violence, throwing desks, hitting kicking, destruction). The other 20 kids are being cheated of an education, and under the new rules, if every child does not improve test scores, she can be fired.

The Heep? I am indifferent. I don't shut them off when they come on the radio, but they don't appear in my extensive iPod collection either.

hey teacher... said...

The lad (Mr. Music) I mentioned earlier has frequent yelling fits,"I don't wanna do this!!! this doors down from me. They take him into the hall so the other kids in their room don't have to listen to it but then All rooms around get to. When I say frequent I mean nearly daily and there is the throwing of things, etc... as you described which brings principal and asst. principal down the hall often accompanied by Officer Friendly. Not only will his teachers evaluation and subsequent pay be influenced by this lads test scores, the whole schools grade(A-F)is also partially determined by his scores. Oh happy day! Its like basing your sales evaluations on how well the widget you sell performs for the customer. Well, that's not an exact analogy because we do have some control on the molding of our widgets, just not on what raw materials are used.

What station do you listen to that plays Uriah Heep? Oh, that's right you live in the big town. The Wizard was pretty progressive for 1972. Well, I'm off to the Magician's Birthday. Cheers or is that Blue Cheer?

hey teacher... said...

That's three doors down from me not this doors down. I know that is not the only typo but a flagrant one.

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