October 2, 2012

I'm back, I'm nationwide

Greetings on this cloudy/misty/rainy Tuesday.  I returned just a bit ago from Freddieland, and I am feeling fine.  No I did not see Freddie ( I would not know her if I saw her anyway), but I did have a good business trip.

I mentioned in a previous post I was up in Muncie over the weekend. I am not the only one that enjoyed my son's band, Fossil generation. Read this article from the Ball State Daily News.
Imagine what a modern day Jimi Hendrix would sound like, mashed together with the Mars Volta, and sandwiched in with musical characteristics similar to that of Muse, Radiohead and sometimes Tool. This is the live sound of Fossil Generation.

Pretty high praise indeed.


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Anonymous said...

Nice, sounds like a retirement plan.
James Old Guy

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