October 6, 2012

Saturday, and I'm not in the park

I am a little late hitting the old blog this morning. I slept in to almost 8:00! That is very late for me. I read the paper and ate some Corn POPS before logging on. It is all about priorities, dear reader.

After some heavy rain yesterday evening and night we are greeted by a sunny, crisp fall day.  Perfect football weather for those of you into college sports. It brings me on a stroll down memory lane, where life is all lollipops and good times. I think of walking down the streets around little old Wabash College, shoes crushing the fallen leaves, laughter leading the way as we trekked toward the football stadium. Cold beers in hand and belly, we are ready to enjoy life to its fullest. The trivia cares of study and tests and research papers are forgotten in a weekend of sport, of booze, and lust. Ah youth. Too bad it was not all as we remember it.

In the present, we are going to meet up with some friends today.  The wives plan on a little shopping while the he-men women haters club enjoys some fine hand-rolled tobacco from a small Caribbean or Central American nation and a cold beer or two. I guess my life has not really changed much in the intervening quarter century plus since my college days.

My coffee grows cold. Have a great weekend.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Funny, I slept in til almost 9 local (your 8).
Not good. Stiff and headache.
It will pass.
Enjoy your day.

Joe said...

nope, your nine is my nine. The Hoosierland adopted permanent eastern time a few years ago (except the corners around Evansville, Louisville and da Region)(.

Anonymous said...

Up at 5:30, animals in the house refuse to do the weekend thing. Have a great weekend.
James Old Guy

Mockingbird said...

Sounds like a nice fall weekend for you guys and gals.
Joe, you may already be familiar with cigardave.com. I listen to his AM radio show on Saturdays, noon to 2pm. Look it up and see what you think.
This morning I went to the Jax Beach Pier to watch the Florida Surfing Championship Contest for a while.
I took off for St. Augustine to grab lunch at the Datil Pepper Festival. For 10 bucks, I had generous samples of pulled pork, sirloin sliders, clam chowder, shrimp w/pepper sauce,and spicy seafood lasagna...in 87 degrees!
Happened onto cigar dave's radio show, reviewing Octoberfest and pumpkin ales and beers.
Got back to the Pier to watch the best surfers on the east coast. A big commotion on the end of the pier was a guy fighting what what turned out to be a 50 lb stingray!
What a sunburn; what a day!

Anonymous said...

Mockingbird that sounds like a great weekend.

I'll have to see if I can find cigar dave on a pdcast.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Mockingbird: I have family in Jax Beach and visit often. I've seen the occasional surfer near that pier, but real surfing?

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