November 27, 2012

Behold what passes for intellectual thought!

This is what is being taught in the universities and colleges of America. This is why Obama was elected despite one of the worst economic records of any president in history.

We know now why the Soviets built the Berlin Wall -- to keep the damn West Germans and capitalists out of the worker's paradise! 


Mockingbird said...

I'm still going to hang with the proven fact that Stalin ordered the killing of millions, and millions of Russians and others.
Today, even Vladimir Putin sees Socialism is brutal and ineffective.
That professor should be ducttaped up and thrown into the gator pond so that the gators can share the wealth.

Dan O. said...

Equally disturbing are that nutbag's comments and the applause he gets. More brainwashing via higher(?) education institutions.

And I agree with Mockingbird.
(Does that make me a mockingbird mocker?)

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